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The menu at #SibirSibir features different conceptions combining basic elements from traditional Russian cuisine, cuisine from Russian North, the Soviet Union cuisine and modern cuisine. The Chef is Natalia Krupenya. The menu was created with participation of famous Chef Andrei Makhov, recognized as the best Chief of Russian Cuisine in Russia last year.
It is worth emphasizing that the local foods are mainly used. Our menu presents such unique dishes as steaks from Karasuk’s beef, original Altai stew, rabbit ragout, fresh-soup of cock with four fishes. The famous Siberian snacks – sliced deer meat (stroganina), suguday, traditional Siberian liqueurs and cordials are very popular among our guests. The wines selection is worthy of interest, the best Russian wines are individually marked in wine list. Cocktail menu emphasizes the idea of Siberian culture: it is composed of the trendy, stylish, delicious cocktails based on the Siberian berries. Desserts are reminiscent of the Soviet Union cuisine, evoking some nostalgia in our hearts. Russian romances, popular Soviet pop music, well-recognized melodies from famous Russian movies create musical surroundings.
Atmosphere of sincerity and cordiality makes #SibirSibir an exceptional, yet familiar dining experience
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